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Monday, July 29, 2013

San Diego Bacon Fest

What are you doing on the 31st August? It's a Saturday so you should be free. Or at least hungover and free.
So head over to the San Diego Bacon Fest - or on their website!

If you sign up for a VIP pass you'll get in an hour early and get this super beverage holder, thereby keeping both hands free for snacking on ribs and getting stuck into Bacon! See the picture below of the beverage holder.

There'll be craft beer, wines and spirits available to keep that beverage holder at the optimum level - full!

So go check them out and make sure you're there!

Peanut Butter, Bacon Weave and Banana's

I'm a big fan of the Peanut butter, Bacon and banana on toast breakfast before a day of big exercise. And then I spotted this on the NakedBacon twitter feed!
Loving it and definitely something I'm going to have to try out soon!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Animal Rights

I'll be honest. I have no idea what is going on here. And the fact that it is not a Japanese girl makes it even more confusing.

Any idea's?

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Bacon Playing Cards

The guys who brought us the 23 Karat Gold Bacon now have started a Kickstarter project to raise money to create Bacon playing cards!
The Baconery have started the project to create Bacon playing cards and a game called "Bakin' with Bacon".
If you don't know, Kickstarter is a crowd sourced fund raising site. So anyone can go and try raise money for their project by giving away first editions or early releases etc to the people who fund them.
It's a pretty cool site with some great projects. Check it out - but only after checking out the Bacon Playing Cards!

Bacon Puzzle Tattoo

A Pig, plus meat cleaver, plus some fire equals some fine tasty Porky goodness!

Check out the tattoo some dude got to prove it - it's written down so it must be true!

Floor is Bacon

So apparently if the floor is made of Bacon one should dance a jig.

Makes sense.

Pork Pie Stamps

Mole sent this link through to check out how to make a Pork Pie Stamp using a laser cutter. I guess it's not really for the masses (yet) but I know a guy with a laser cutter so this could be a fun project sometime!

Check it out at the site here.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

World Record Most Pulled Pork Eaten in 6 Minutes

Now this is an interesting one...there is a world record for the most pulled Pork eaten in 6 minutes.
Not 5 minutes.
Not 7 minutes.
But 6 minutes. I wonder how they came up with that number?
I wonder what the world record is for 5 minutes of eating pulled Pork? the video of Furious Pete eating it like bulldog eating porridge.

Making Bacon in the home

This is a pretty good video on how to make your own Bacon - I'm going to have to try this sometime...I really mean it this time!

Bacon American Flag

American flag made out of Bacon. That's about it. Not much more to say really.