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Friday, September 30, 2011

Smokey Bacon Lays

Pig Love

Baconham Lincoln

Big Stupid S'More! - Epic Meal Time

Friday, September 2, 2011

International Bacon Day

I hope you'll be having your quota of Bacon this weekend in celebration of International Bacon Day! So make sure you eat Bacon - and make sure everyone you know eats Bacon - it's the right thing to do!

Bacon helped defeat the Nazis

“During World War II, people could turn in their bacon grease in exchange for food coupons,” he said.
“The government would take the bacon grease and turn it into explosives. That’s because bacon contains glycerol, which becomes nitroglycerine and TNT. So Bacon defeated the Nazis,” the writer stated.


Voodoo Doughnut - Bacon Maple Porter

Yes it is a beer!

Ploptimus Prime

Just because Homer and a Pig

In celebration of International Bacon Day

The makings of a BLT

Epic Chicken Burger Combo - Epic Meal Time