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Monday, May 28, 2012

Loving Hams

Spotted this at the Hellenic Breakfast Market on Saturday morning in Durban North.
Looks like they have a website and they deliver every week to the greater Durban area. Smoked Bacon, roasts, ribs hams, sausages...pretty much everything made by a pig it seems.

Loving Hams - quite like the name too.

From their site -
Loving Hams is aptly derived from our family surname, Luffingham.
We are pork producers hailing from humble beginnings in Winterton,
Kwazulu Natal, where we have been farming successfully through three generations from Geoffrey to Nigel to Lance Luffingham.
We are well known in the community, and our heritage in the pork industry stretches back to 1936.

If you're in the Durban area in need of some Bacon delivered why not give them a try...I might.

Loving Hams.