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Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Spotted this on The Daily Bacon - The Pig and Whiskey 2012 - looks to be taking place from the 13 July to the 15 July 2012.
From the Metro Times in Detroit it looks like its happening in Ferndale. So if you read this and happen to be in the area and check it out let us know what its all about! We don't get big fancy fairs like that here - especially ones that are all about Pig and Whiskey!

So from the article : "a full weekend of BBQ, whiskey sampling and outdoor entertainment!"
Live music, a Cocktail Corner with some of the finest Whiskey's, a General Store featuring BBQ related goods, and games like washer toss and four-square ball.
There will also be more than 10 BBQ restaurants on-site as well as over 20 whiskey's to sample, and a beer tent!

This event looks fantastic! This should be done everywhere! I'd love to go to something like this!