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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Blue Ribbon Bacon Fest Bacon Queen

So I came across this little gem. At the Blue Ribbon Bacon Fest there will be a competition to find out who is the ultimate Bacon Queen for 2013.
I've compiled a couple of the contestants here for you to take a look at, and linked through so that you can vote for them.

So check out some of these potential Bacon Queens, click through and vote, and also go through to the main site to check out others that could be worthy of the title Bacon Queen for 2013!

First up we have Kristen Hansen - she likes to put Bacon in her mouth.

More inside the article...

Next is Ashley Ivers who as it happens also likes to put Bacon in her mouth and likes to drink a Spicy Bloody Mary with a Bacon stirrer.

This is Chrissie Cartmell and she would like to be the Bacon Queen so she can share her love of Bacon with the masses.

Andrea Doubleday likes to drink Jack Daniels and Bacon grease. She likes Bacon that is cooked so she can put it in her mouth.

Here is Justine Krieger Bailey who says she is a "hot chick who likes to eat and drink", and that "you wouldn't get a shy timid Bacon queen if you picked me". This one could be interesting!

So please click through to the voting site to see all the lovely contestants and vote for your favorite ones!