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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Bacon & Cheese Explosion from Dirks Davenport

The wife came home with these the other day, from Dirks Butchery in Davenport.
The only info I can find for them is their Facebook page. So check them out.

Basically, for R43.00 (around US$3.00) you get two smallish Bacon Explosions!
That's Bacon wrapped around sausage meat, filled with cheese and all covered in BBQ sauce!

We've made these from scratch in the past but I have to say these are pretty incredible!

More pics below - check them out and if you're in Durban you've got to try Dirks - great meat and awesome Bacon Explosions!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Cape Town, Fish and Casino's - Sponsored post

The next time you're in Cape Town and have a hankering for some fish, the obvious place to go is the Cape Town Fish Market at the Grand West Casino. It is a vibrant, social restaurant with a fantastic Teppanyaki and Sushi bar.
They have some great weekly specials including half price Sushi on Tuesdays, and all you can eat Sushi Buffet on Thursdays!
At the Sushi Bar, tasty treats like California Rolls, Sashimi and fashion sandwiches roll past, on the first of its kind in South Africa, conveyor-belt.
The Cape Town Fish Market also has the option of purchasing lobster, muscles, prawns, oysters, and others, to be prepared for you in preferred portions to take home and cooked yourself.

Now if you happen to be at the Cape Town Fish Market at the Grand West Casino then you'll probably be needing somewhere to stay. This is where the Grand West comes into it's own. It is a full on entertainment complex including hotel! The complex includes more than 13 restaurants where you can get your fix of any other cuisine if fish is not what you're after. From Indian to Chinese, Steak Houses to Sea Food. The Grand West has them all!
The Grand West is the largest entertainment complex of its kind in South Africa. It offers around the clock entertainment in restaurants, bars, nightclubs and cinemas.

Or, not too far away there is also the Table Bay Hotel. The Table Bay Hotel is perfectly situated to take full advantage of Cape Town's most incredible sights and settings. Conveniently positioned against the stunning backdrop of the working harbour, Table Mountain and the Atlantic Ocean, the Table Bay Hotel is in good proximity to the airport as well as Cape Town's best tourist attractions.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Bacon of the Month Club - South Africa

The latest thing to happen in South Africa is the Bacon of the Month club!

"Twelve months; twelve different bacons. From the obvious to the obscure. From the norm
to the fantastic. From Plain 'Don't Do Us No Flava's' to Green 'What the Seuss' Bacon.

All our bacons are developed and produced by Neil 'His Royal Porkness' Jewell.
Bacon of the Month Club memberships are limited and available on a first-come first-served basis. "

You can sign up for monthly deliveries for a year, 6 months, 3 months or just a single month to try it out. These range in price from R355 up to R2100.

For me at the moment, the only drawback for not signing up is that I cannot get it in my town of Durban. There is no collection point in Durban - pity as I would have definitely have signed up.

Perhaps in the future. So for now there is no review of the quality of their Bacon.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Bacon Fest Cape Town - a web review

I wasn't at Bacon Fest Cape Town on Friday night, so everything I have to say below is based on what I've read in comments on the Wembley Taps Facebook page.

First, I was very upset I would not be able to attend the Cape Town Bacon Fest. It was help at The Wembley Tap in Cape Town. All the hype on their Facebook page leading up to the event looked awesome!
Tickets sold out but possibly some available at the door.
Bacon beers that would be available.
Pictures of chocolate Bacon being made.

And then the reviews afterwards.
I was first made aware of something not being quite right when I saw a comment posted on the previous Bacon Fest Cape Town post. Someone posted, basically saying what a disapointment it was.

"This was the most disappointing thing ever!! For R150 you get a paper plate with little pork on, and one small bacon bear tasting!! There is nobody who explains to you how it works!! This is a rip off!!! The advert says you get 5 taster tickets and a pork plate!! I did not get what was promised to me!! "