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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Better Bacon Book

Firstly - congratulations to The Jooste (Junior Rooster) on getting married this week! All the best for the future.
He managed to find time in between consummating the marriage to send in this great looking iPad App!
I have to admit it does look pretty good...almost makes me think about using someone else's iPad to take a look at it!
A description from the itunes store: "Upgrade your bacon. Made just for the iPad, “The Better Bacon Book” is a how-to guide that brings an expert butcher into your home. Tap, swipe, and slide your way through 20 HD videos, 150 high-resolution photos, and 31 original recipes from some of USA and Canada’s top chefs."

Here's the link to buy it - only GBP2.99 on the itunes store.

And a video of the app in action - got to admit it looks pretty good. Including learning how to make your own Bacon! That's pretty top in my book!