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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Effervescent Bacon Drink Tablets

One of my wife's friends is living in the US. She's been there for about a year. When she first arrived she sent back some stuff to her mother, including these Effervescent Bacon Drink Tablets. She just got back for a holiday, bearing in mind she left a year ago. I finally got the tablets now! But at least I got them. So they may be a little past their sell by date, but what can go wrong? They're Bacon pills!
I first mentioned them here when she took a photo to let me know what she was sending back.

As you can see they come in a small tin with about 15 large brown tablets inside. On opening the tin the aroma is almost overpowering. It's a smell of wood and smoke. A lot of smoke. But the most you sniff it the more interesting it becomes.

Now I have done a little research on the net about these things, and for me it is not looking promising.
All the reviews on these Bacon flavoured water pills do not paint them in a very positive light. Which concerns me as right now I have a Bacon pill sitting in a glass of water slowly effervescing. It took about 5 minutes before there was any action, after I dropped the pill in there.

One Bacon pill dropped into the glass of water.

What it looks like after about 15 minutes.

So it's been sitting on my desk for about 30 minutes now and it is still not dissolved. But I am getting some serious wafts of wood, bacon and smoke coming from the glass. If it tastes as strong as it smells I'm in for a serious treat!

After nearly an hour it has finally dissolved.

Now to taste...have to admit I am dreading this a little after all I've read on the net, and watched on YouTube. Not sounding promising at all.

Tasting...done. What can I say...interesting? Yes. Tasty? Not quite. Bacony? Not really.
While it did taste a little poofie, it wasn't as strong as the smell was. Saying that, it wasn't great either.

All in all, would I make this my drink of choice?