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Friday, June 8, 2012

Slagerij De Leeuw

Sambo is chasing tail across the world and his latest stop was the Amsterdam. We won't talk about what he's really been up to, but we will talk about what he's sent me.
He stopped in on this place called "Slagerij De Leeuw" - ok so I don't know what that means either - something about the Slaughter House of the Lion.
Well they have a website and everything - owned by Yolanda and Fred Leeuw. It's all in Dutch, but from the pictures it looks like a top butcher.  From their website it says they have over 45 years of experience in Europe with exclusive products from all around the world. They are third generation butchers and are now house hold names in Holland.

This is what butchers should be!

And this is what Sam did there - he sampled some meat. 
Read through to the article for pictures and more information about Sam's sampling.

This is what Sam had to say on the subject - certainly makes me want to head to visit some real butchers again - and it is quite tough to find a real butcher again now days.

So this is the ultimate - the iberian pata negra reserve - 23.5 euros per 100 grams, 6 years of  maturity before the fruit of this loom is peaked for consumption. and officially the sweetest and richest ham I have ever tasted. From a fine butcher in Amsterdam - tasted today - and it was quite an out of the world experience - can the cheese not at least try for this at some stage - what happened to the idea of our very own vark club swine - fed on sweet acorns - and classical music.

I tell you - there is a place for this - and the world would be a better place for it.

Best Regards

I got to say it...this place certainly looks top! I'd love to visit and sample some of the fine Pork they have on offer.

The entrance to this fine establishment

EUR15 per 100g - this is like gold!
Can't quite see it, but that is EUR23.50 per 100g. Must be top stuff!

The product resting...for 5 years!