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Monday, June 24, 2013

Jihawg Ammo

So I noticed this on the web this morning. There is a company that seems to be a little miffed about something or other and have decided to take it out on their Muslim brothers. But only if they are trying to kill you in the name of a Jihad. If they're just trying to kill you cause they're bad people then this is not the product for you!

Basically they're coating their bullets in Pork infused paint. So they believe that if a fundamentalist Muslim is attacking you in the name of a Jihad, and you shoot them with your Jihawg Ammo, then they won't go to heaven with their 72 virgins, but instead straight to hell.
How much credibility there is in these claims, who knows. I'd have to actually read a religious book to tell you that - unless someone can tell me that themselves!

So check out the original article over at the Huffington Post - got to love it!

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