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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Pigs stolen after Badplaas accident

Just read a story that is all too commonplace here in South Africa. After a lorry, carrying almost any cargo, is in an accident it seems that the local people around the area, especially if it is in a rural area, descend on the accident scene and start looting the goods.
All too often we see this with beer or fresh produce.

But this one was Pigs. A truck carrying 139 Pigs to the abattoir, to make some tasty Porky treats, overturned and the driver was serioulsy injured. The local NSPCA inspector was on teh scene and decided to euthanase 53 of the injured Pigs.

And then all chaos broke out "as if out of nowhere" the locals arrived and descended on the accident scene. Pigs were dragged off by the legs or just carried away.
As per usual in this country, the police stood by not wanting to get involved as it was not something they could control they said.

Sad times indeed. But at least these Pigs went to feed poor rural people in desperate need of more Bacon in the diet!

Source: News24

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