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Friday, March 8, 2013

Vark Klub - Fusion Cooking School

Last night Vark Klub ventured off into to the Fusion Cooking School for our very own private cooking class!
And if you put twelve Pork enthusiasts, our own beer and a great host chef in Shaun Smith who prepares a fantastic menu of 5 Pork dishes, you're in for a winning evening!

The Fusion Cooking School is located in Westville, kwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, and caters for private classes (like ours), regular classes where you sign up for a set menu, as well as being a full time chef school. So we knew we were in the right hands! These guys are pros!
They also have their own restaurant based in Durban in Silverton Road. 

So all I can say is do yourselves a favour and contact the Fusion Cooking School to arrange your next fun night out. You can customise the menu yourself, or join a group class.
The full list of menus is on their site so check them out!

So we arrived, started cracking our beers and getting the show on the road.
Our menu for the evening consisted of 5 great dishes, all with a healthy portion of Pork!

Chef Shaun started off by prepping everything for the Shengjianbao, or Wontons. All the ingredients went into a blender and made a finely minced paste which was to be used for the filling of the wontons. What went in: Pork, garlic, ginger, soya sauce, vinegar, breadcrumbs, barley, an egg and sage. All in the blender to produce a great paste.

Wonton filling being blended
Wontons before being cooked

 While prepping the filling for the Wontons Shaun also started the Sweet and Sour sauce by taking pineapple skins, ginger skins, sugar, garlic, pepper, onion, water and vinegar and putting it on the heat to caramalise the pineapple.
The the Japanese Tonkatsu style Pork was prepared by slicing some marks onto the Pork steaks, then dunking in flour, egg wash and then the crumbing - a great combination of flavours by adding breadcrumbs, sesame seeds and crushed nuts!
These steaks where then deep fried to come out golden brown and ridiculously tasty!

Japanese Tonkatsu style Pork on Egg Fried Rice

Tonkatsu style Pork straight out hte deep frier

Next was Five Spice, Orange and sweet and sour Pork. But by this stage the focus was starting to be lost as belly's were full and beer was flowing!
This was yet another super dish of Pork with spices in noodles.

Dudes chilling and That Man doing Gangum Style?

Next was Bacon being fried (at a very low heat without being turned!). This was for the Carbonara Sauce.
Bacon on the pan

Carbonara sauce bubbling away
Yes that is a full brie cheese being thrown into the Carbonara sauce! Fantastic stuff!

The end product