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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Alabama Man Caught Having Sex With Pig In WalMart Bathroom

This pretty much cover all stereotypes - Walmart, Alabama, Redneck....'Murca!

So a man somehow got a Pig into a Walmart bathroom to have relations with it?


A quote from the 7 year old eye witness: "Mommy, mommy is a man in the bathroom holding a pig really close to him!".

And from the man who saved the Pig: "When I went into the bathroom, I heard squealing from inside the stall. I told the man to open it but he wouldn’t, so I kicked it in. That crazy ass fool for real was doing a pig. I socked him in the face and grabbed the pig. That fool was out cold."

That man is a hero! Saving the Pig and "socking" the sick bastard out cold!

Full story here.