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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Bacon Festival SA Trolls

It seems some trolls have registered the url
The site poses as the home of the Cape Town Bacon Festival, when in reality it is an anti-Pork site.

Loads of images about the atrocities of Pig farming.

I agree, some of this stuff should be seen. We need to be aware that Pigs, and all meat, is not grown in a lovely field. The animal farming methods in this country do have a lot to be desired. But then again, if you know where your Pork comes from, and you know your Pork distributor, and abattoir, and are happy with the way things are done.
Then I have no problem!

And I know my local Pork farmer, distributor and abattoir. And I am happy with their methods.

So go check out Georgies Pork - they use ethical methods!