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Friday, July 31, 2015

'Cat ate my bacon and I want to press charges'

A man in West Yorkshire called the police to report that his girlfriends cat ate his Bacon.
We was calling to complain? Or press charges against...his girlfriend and her cat...

Full transcript of the call below:

Caller: Me girlfriend has let the cat eat my bacon.

Police: Sorry?

Caller: Me girlfriend let the cat eat me bacon.

Police: Right, okay, what would you like the police do with regards to that, sir?

Caller: Cause I'm [unintelligble].

Police: So you want to beat up your girlfriend because the cat's eaten your bacon?

Caller: Eugh, don't speak to her.

Caller: You what? I want to press charges.

Police: Against who? Your girlfriend or the cat?

Caller: You what love?

Police: Who do you want to press charges against, your girlfriend or the cat?


Caller: Both of them.

Police: Right, sir, it's not a criminal offence to let a cat eat your bacon, OK? And we don't arrest cats. I'm very sorry.

Caller: But she, me girlfriend, allowed the cat to do it.

Police: Right I'm very sorry sir but it's not a 999 emergency 'cause your girlfriend let the cat eat the bacon. I do apologise but it's not a police matter.

Article from The Reg and The Yorkshire Post

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